Friday, 27 January 2012

Kris Menace Goes Cosmic With Falling Star

Stellar, druggy, future house offering from alt house supremo, Kris Menace, out on his Compuphonic imprint this March. Slap on an 80s 3D View Master and a bottle of vodka and we're all set for take off. Hours of fun.

'Falling Star' is taken off Kris Menace's forthcoming album, 'Electric Horizon'.

Have a peek here.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Oliver $ and Gene Siewing Give Us Chubby Dubz + Free Art Bleek Remix

Enter the Dragon folks. According to the Chinese zodiac, it's gonna be one bad a$$ year. January 1st was lightweight, the real deal starts here. Time to shed those ugly habits and take on new ones. Nothing ugly about cross Atlantic duo, Oliver $ and Gene Siewing AKA Chubby Dubz, though.

In fact, it's pretty damn un-ugly. Awesome 4 track late night groover that'll certainly cure the Jan hangover.

'Direct Experience EP' is out now on Loungin' Recordings.

Grab the Art Bleek remix of 'Direct Experience' for free here.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Get Down with Punks Jump Up on Kitsuné

Damn this January weather. Crazy a$$ winds blowing stuff everywhere. Hair's a mess, clothes are soaked and you're ten pounds heavier since Christmas. Crap really.

Screw the guilt and party like it's 2011 via Punks Jump Up with their new disco-tastic single, 'Get Down', out on Kitsuné this January. Awesome remixes come courtesy of fellow rave pals, Fare Soldi, Deadstock 33 + may more.

Check it